Afriex: 6 untold facts about afriex



In this article you will get the answers to all your questions about afriex and the main aim of developing a fintech  app to send money using cross- border money transaction system.

What is afriex?: (About Afriex)Afriex

Afriex is a (FinTech) online banking app that effortlessly allows its users to send money from home and abroad be it to your family, friends businesses organizations and other remittance services it can offer just to satisfy its user or its customers.

When was afrex founded?:

Afriex was founded and developed in October 2019 since then for making instant and affordable transactions at home and abroad. 

With Afriex you can now send money from (USA, UK, Canada, and Europe) to (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Pakistan).

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Who is the founder of afriex? (About the CoFounder)

The cofounder and present ceo of Afriex is Tope Alabi after his tertiary education abroad on studying electrical engineering in University of North Texas then he came back to Nigeria.

It was hard for him to get a job so he spent a few months with his mum so he built a website for her healthcare business. He said “I thought it would look more professional. To him coding and programming was not new to him but after that experience he had more confidence to build websites and other internet technologies.

What is the goal of afriex?

Afriex aims to promote smooth, secure, seamless transactions around the world without worry about location barriers like your regular bank limitations and other cross- border stressful transactions.

Where is afriex located:

Afriex is located in San Francisco, California, United State of America.


San Francisco Bay Area, West Coast, western US. 

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In this article we answered some questions about afriex when it was founded, the founder and CEO of afriex, the main aim of the platform and where the fintech organization is located.

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