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In this article you will discover how to add cash to afriex wallets. We will reveal to you the two methods on how to add cash to your afriex wallets. Via bank transfer or via add Cash.

afriex wallet:

Afriex Wallet is a digital wallet service which is developed to handle financial transactions and money management globally. In this wallets users can easily and safely store funds, manage transactions, and carry out activities such as adding cash, sending money, and reviewing transaction history through an online platform or on their mobile application. This wallet system makes it possible and convenient for users to manage their finances, and to store different country currency’s in separate wallets together in one app.

How to add cash to afriex wallet?

There are two methods to add cash to afriex wallet.

Method 1: Through bank transfer.

Step 1:

  • Sign in to your afriex account.

Step 2:

  • Go to your wallet profile. 

Step 3:

  • Copy your account number by clicking on it. Make sure you copied the right account number correctly to avoid future confusions and complications.

Step 4: 

  • Go to your preferred bank app to send the money to your wallet account number.

Step 5:

  • Click on your wallet tab to to confirm your money.

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Alternative Method :Method 2: Via add cash.

Step 1:

  • Sign into your afriex account.

Step 2:

  • Go to wallet tab.

Step 3: 

  • Click on add cash.

Step 4:

  • Inputs the amount of money and the currency to add to your wallet.

Step 5:

  • Click on review.

Step 6:

  • Click on the account you will like to be debited.

Step 7:

  • Click on the review button to make sure your are making the right transaction before your transaction.

Those are the two simple methods on how to add cash to your afriex wallet.

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