Afriex website: Discover everything you need to know about afreix website

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In this article you will get the answer to your question about afriex website and all the things you need to know about afriex platform.

Afriex website is a quick, easy, reliable and trusted payment system to send and receive money anywhere in the world.

How to sign up on afriex website?:

There are two easy ways you can create an account on afriex website and get full access to login or signin to your own afriex account for faster and secure transaction experience.

First Step:

Go to your preferred browser and search for the >><< then you click on the first site you see at the top of your search after that you will be directed to download the app on your device.

Second Step:

Go to your app store. Be it on play store using android or on Apple store using apple device 

Then you search for afriex. After that you download and install the app on your device. After installing the app you then you create an account for your self

This are required for creating of afriex website account.

Email verification:

To create an account in afriex you’re required to use your personal email for the security and protection of your account to prevent you from fraud and cyber hack.

KYC Verification:

Before you can get full access to afriex website you need to do your KYC verification.

What’s KYC Verification?:

KYC simply means (Know Your Customer) this process is done for the process of making afriex website a secured platform to transact money freely without fear and it also helps reduce the rate of money laundry around the world in general.

Afriex User interface (AUI):

Afriex website interface is beginner friendly because it is easy for anybody to access the app without calling for assistance.

This cross boarder transaction app is not like those other complicated one that will allow you go through stress before understanding how to use the it for your various transactions.

Afriex Website Security:

Afriex protects your details while you sign up using your email verification as one part of your account security which is very secure for you as an afriex customer. 

That’s why you are always advised to put more privacy securities on you email account to get notified whenever someone tries to hack into your email account or on your afriex account.

You also get your account more secured after you do your KYC (Know Your Customer) verification which is regulated by the govement to protect your identify and to make sure each customers are the rightfully owner of their afriex account

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Fund your account:

For you to start enjoying the smooth transactions that comes using afriex website you must fund your account and start sending and receiving money from home and abroad to your family and friends.

Afriex Supported Countries:

With Afriex you can now send and receive money from (USA, UK, Canada, and Europe) to (Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Ivory Coast, Egypt and Pakistan). 

Location should not be a barrier to you if you’re living in these countries listed.

Accepted currencies: 

The following are the supported currencies for afriex international transaction.

  • USD – U.S. Dollar.
  • GBP – U.K. British Pound Sterling.
  • EUR – Euro.
  • CAD – Canadian Dollar.
  • NGN – Nigeria Naira.
  • GHS – Ghanian Cedi.
  • KES – Kenyan Shilling.
  • ETB – Ethiopian Birr

Afriex partnership:

Afriex is in partnership with 

Evolve Bank & Trust, VentureGarden Group, United Bank for Africa (UBA), Visa, Cellulant and MFS Africa.

Afriex Fees and Charges:

Afriex charges 10% of every transaction below $10 but any transaction above $10 are always free(That is if you make transaction of $10 you will be charged $1 as afriex charges fee but if you transact $11 or above you won’t be charged any fee). 

Note: There are no hidden fees in afreix website transaction.

Afriex Transaction speed:

Afriex has one the fastest cross border system transactions that takes within one to three minutes from the sender to the receiver 

This also brings opportunities to those who are willing to send money to their loved ones urgently. 

They will be able to make faster and seamless transactions without worrying about the time duration or to those willing to receive payment from their client  internationally with an afriex website.

Afriex App Features:

  1. Afriex has one of the best user interface of all fin tech apps which makes it easy for beginners to operate and transact with ease.
  2. Afriex app gives you the access to have your own account number which makes it easy for recipient to send you money faster without going through to much stress during transaction.
  3. Afriex also allows you to send and recieve money to multiple afriex supported counties on their app as stated in the middle of the article.

There are so many unique features on the mobile app which is beginner friendly.

Click to learn more about afriex features>>>

Customer care:

Afriex website has one of the best customer care service of all fintech apps in the world which is 24/7 active.

You contacting their customer service team will be a great problem solver for you because you will surely be attended to as fast as possible.

Here are some of the best ways you can contact afriex website customer service.

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Phone Number: +1-866-627-5738
  • Live Chat:
  • Social Media: Facebook, Instagram or twitter.


Using afriex makes it easier for you to transact money globally  no afriex you can enjoy great benefits of quick and easy transactions. All you need to do is to download the app on play store or on your apple store to start your journey of stress free transaction.

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