Afriex to mpesa: Step by step guide on how to transfer money from afriex to mpesa.

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In this article we will be guiding you on how to send or transfer money from afriex to mpesa and you will also discover their transaction fees.

How to transfer money from afriex to mpesa.

Here are the steps to send money from afriex to mpesa.

Step 1: Log In to Your afriex Account

  • Visit the afriex website or open the afriex mobile app.
  • Log in to your account using your email and pass ward.

Step 2 : Navigate to the Money Transfer Section

  • Once logged in, locate the “Send Money” or “Transfer” section on the afriex platform. This will be on the homepage or on the main menu.

Step 3: Select mpesa as the Recipient payment gateway.

  • During transaction make sure you choose mpesa as the recipient option. This will lead you to select the country and region, and then choose mpesa pay app as your recipient receiving system.

Step 4: Recipient Details: Make sure you enter the correct recipient details

  • Provide the necessary details for the mpesa recipient. This typically includes the recipient’s mpesa phone number and the amount you wish to send.

Step 5: Review Transaction Details: Make sure you verify your transaction details

  • Verify or review your transaction details to make sure you have transferred money to the right recipient. Make sure you confirm the recipient’s phone number, or the account number the amount, and the fees involved in to make that transaction successful.

Step 6: Confirm Identity: Make sure you confirm your identity with your pin or pass code

  • Make sure you put in your correct pin or pass code because you will need it to confirm your identity continue your transaction. 

Step 7: Choose Payment Method

  • In this Situation you need to  select your preferred payment method to funding your transfer. This could be from your afriex wallet balance or linked bank account funding method.

Step 8: Confirm and Submit

  • Confirm all the details one last time before submitting the transaction. You must make sure that the recipient’s mpesa details are correct to avoid sending your money to the wrong account.

Step 9: Receive Confirmation

  • After your transaction is submitted, you will receive a message of confirmation. This will include a transaction ID or your transaction receipt.

Afriex to mpesa tracking: Learn how to track your transactions on afriex to mpesa.

Here are the steps to track your transactions.

Transaction Monitoring:

  • Users can comfortably monitor the status or updates of their transactions through their active accounts on the afriex and mpesa platforms or mobile apps.
  • Transaction history page usually provide you with accurate details on the status of each transfer you have made in the past.

Notifications Updates:

  • Afriex and M-pesa will get you notified on the progress of your transactions.
  • You will receive SMS alerts, notifications in your app, or emails about your transaction updates, and completion.

Transaction Confirmation:

  • Confirmation of successful transactions is available on your transaction history page, which shows you details like the amount sent, exchange rates, and your recipient’s information.
  • Your recipient will receive a confirmation message or email once the money is successfully deposited into your recipient’s M-Pesa account.

Customer Support:

  • Incase you face any transaction error or issues during this tracking process, you can always contact their active support team through live chat, Hotline, email and any other support alternative provided in these platforms
  • Customer support team will offer you information or clarification about your transaction status or get your transaction status updated Incase there is error.

Afriex to mpesa limit

You will discover all the limits applicable afriex transactions and government regulations impact on them

Transaction Limits:

  • Daily, weekly, and monthly transaction limits may be in place to regulate the amount of money that can be transferred from afriex to mpesa.
  • This limits are sometimes regulated to guide user from misusing this cross boarder transaction system and compliance with financial authorities.

Check for Usage and Limits:

  • You can always check your active transaction usage and remaining limits through the afriex and mpesa mobile apps.
  • Your full transaction history, including the amounts that you have transferred and your remaining limits, are all available in the user account page.

Additional Considerations:

  • This factors, such as your account status, transaction history, and your transaction destination country’s regulations, may influence transfer limits.
  • You should always review the terms of service, Frequently Asked Question s(FAQs), or contact customer support for accurate and most recent information on transfer limits and regulations.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Transfer limits are mostly  influenced by government and regulations standards in both the sending and receiving countries.
  • If there are any changes in regulations this will result in change to the fixed limits.

Afriex to Mpesa fee: How much does it takes to send money from afriex to mpesa

Fee Structure:

  • Transfer fees may include a combination of fixed fees and percentage-based charges like for example afriex charges 10% of every transaction below $10 as long as it $10 and above the transaction is free for in the case of mpesa make charges out of fixed fees.
  • percentage fee charges are calculated as a percentage of the transferred amount While Fixed fees are a set or a fixed amount to make one transaction,. 

Calculating the Total Cost of your afriex to mpesa fees:

  • Using afriex to send money mpesa can calculate the total cost of the transaction by deducting 10% of the amount your are sending that is if you’re sending $8 to your mpesa recipient the transaction will cost to 0.8 cent but assuming you’re transacting $10 upward your transaction will be free.

Transparency in Fees:

  • Afriex and M-Pesa usually provides their users with transparent fee structures, This service system makes you as a user to know the amount which your various transaction cost unlike some other apps that include hidden charges or fees in their transaction system that scares customers away from their platform or it might lead to lack of trust in their organization
  • As a user you can review the fee details before confirming your transaction to make sure you’re aware of your total cost.

Exchange Rate Consideration:

  • Put this in consideration transfer fees usually change due to exchange rate when transferring money between currencies. Like for example if you live in a country like Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana where your currencies are not that stable compared to the United State Dollar(USD) you should always consider exchange rates while transferring your money on a daily basis
  • Exchange rates might always affect the final amount which you recipient will receive.

Fee calculation During Transaction:

  • Before making transfers, you should always deduct the fees.
  • By doing this it will help you understand the cost and expenses before confirming your transactions.

Afriex to mpesa charges


  • Fixed Fees:

    These are fixed amount, set charge user for each transaction they make per transaction, providing an actual cost for the  transaction service. Which is the system mpesa uses to carry out their transactions

  • Percentage Fees:

    these are calculated as the percentage of your transferred amount, these charges are always equals to the percentage of transaction. Afriex makes use of percentage transaction system.


  • Exchange Rate Charges:

    Global exchange rate changes might lead you to pay more or less during your transactions. The actual amount received by the recipient in mpesa might different because of exchange rates changes.

  • Processing Charges:

    Some platforms may include higher transfer fees to cover the overall costs of carrying out transactions.

Additional Charges:

  • Withdrawal Fees:

    If the recipient decides to withdraw money from their mpesa account, some charges will be included this charges  are called the withdrawal fee.

Breakdown of Charges:

  • Both Afriex and M-pesa equally provide a visible and detailed description of charges during the transaction process.
  • You can expect to see a detailed description, including fixed fees, percentage fees, exchange rate details, and any other relevant charges.

Communication of Charges:

  • They inform users about thier charges before confirming the transaction. This transparency helps you make sure that you are aware of the total cost or expenses attached to your transaction.
  • Confirmation messages or receipts always include a summary of charges for reference sake.


So now that you have discovered a new way of sending and receiving money at a cheaper and faster rate but make sure you always check exchange rates before making transaction from afriex to mpesa.

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