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Notcoin Review: 16 Untold Secrets About Notcoin


Today in helpersignup we will discover 16 untold secrets about notcoin as we go through notcoin review, we will go through all you need to know about this popular “game like airdrop” and when it will be launched for the masses to acquire or to be traded publicly.

Who is the founder of Notcoin?:

Sasha Plotvinov is the founder of notcoin in partnership with Openbuilder AI which focuses on developing softwares that promotes efficiency, productivity, and a long term of construction opportunities. They focus on analyzing data, optimizing planning for clients, and in forecasting contracting issues. 

The age and background of the founder is currently unknown to the public but maybe in the nearest future it might be known.

But what you should know is that Sasha Plotvinov is a young and optimistic individual who has a big role to play in the tech world especially a partnership with a reputable partnership with Openbuilders Organization.

What is the Notcoin?

Notcoin, Is an easy “clicker-style game like airdrop” which you can play by simply tapping your phone screen developed by Sasha Plotvinov its a cryptocurrency token which requires no financial investment carried out in one of the world famous messaging apps.

Telegram, opened up to the public as an airdrop on 1st of January 2024. They gained over 20 million users on the first month of release and they have over 35 million with players/users which has surpassed the record of ChatGPT with over 0.44% of the earth played this game with a total taps which is 8,887,738144901 and 94% of Notcoiners invited by friends since the start of 2024 and they plan to convert the trillions of virtual coins mined so far into a real crypto token on The Open Network.

Notcoin app:

Notcoin do not currently have an active app or a website all their activities are carried out in the telegram.

Note: It can only be played or mined on your Telegram mobile app.

Maybe they might have in the future but for now they don’t.

Notcoin login: How to login to my notcoin account?:

You can simply login to your notcoin account through your personal telegram account. So that to say “You can only  have access to an account when you have a telegram account.

You can easily login by following this steps

Tap on your Telegram app

Notcoin account loging “”

After logging head to your search bar and types “Notcoin” 

Second step you click search in the app for “notcoin”
Notcoin login steps “”

After that then you click on  “play” and then you start playing/mining

Notcoin login steps “”

Note: Currently if you visit their dashboard they clearly state “data is processing”. 

Notcoin clicker game dashboard  “”

Has Notcoin been launched?

It was launched officially as an airdrop on January 1, 2024, propelled by the TON Foundation’s backing, according to Bybit Crypto Exchange it will be listed on their platform, April 1st, 2024, and to be distributed among its holders. So to those of us that are in possession of these tokens we will be expecting good news anytime from now.

Is not coin real?

What’s interesting about Notcoin’s rise is that it didn’t spend a dime on advertising. It’s all been through words of mouth within the Telegram community. Despite its success, Notcoin is not an actual cryptocurrency and hasn’t been minted on the TON block chain, making it more of an internet marketing phenomenon.

Especially relating this coin to the situation of Pi Network a lot of people still have doubt in focusing their attention to an airdrop like this which they are not sure will even come to existence for them to make any gain from or profit from it.

But as long as you have not pay a dime to acquire this coin you don’t have to panic about anything just take it as if you have  played a competitive online game in which you will love to get higher score than your friends and associates and if it eventually  get launched you will get a profit of an real cryptocurrency.

This are the factors that proof’s not coin to be real

  • Bybit Listing: Bybit must have done their research before listing a particular cryptocurrency on their platform for exchange/trade to ensure a good user experience. 
  • Openbuilder AI: They are a certified partner of Openbuilder AI a pioneer construction software company that has a very good reputation at stake if nothing goes as promise 
  • Telegram Crypto Wallet: They must have been some kind of agreement considering one of the most popular messaging app in the world having a crypto wallet in it they will want to use this as a means of introducing more user into their app and in return they generate more revenue rather than to let a random organization come into their platform to trick their users away for good or even tarnish their reputation. 
  • Launch day promise: not coin developers promised to launch  from airdrop into cryptocurrency on the first day of April and when you visit your not coin dashboard in your telegram app you will clearly see the message which proves they are keeping to the promise they made to their airdrop holders.

This is exactly what the message clear says

  • After you click on >>“oh, notcoin”<< It says

“Data is processing…

will be available soon

Will Notcoin be listed on Binance?

Yes as long as it is a legit cryptocurrency binance will surely list it on their platform for exchange because by doing so they will earn a small commission in every notcoin transaction you carry out in their app.

How to make money from Notcoin?

No, not yet, It’s important to be transparent about making money through this means.  Currently, there isn’t a reliable way to make money directly through “Notcoin” as it doesn’t appear to be a tradable cryptocurrency or established financial product.

However, searches for “Notcoin” might indicate an interest in alternatives to cryptocurrency for financial transactions. But there are some “black market  buyers like this are peoples buys the already mined tokens from individuals at a lower price and if the coin comes out to be legit they sell it for a higher price in this method this method is very risky.

I will advise you as long as you didn’t spend money playing or mining this token, you should probably keep it and just be positive about it. “Develop an investor mindset”

Crypto arbitrage: this is the most simplest and the to make money from cryptocurrency which involves little risk and a higher profit in return. subscribe if you’re interested in learning crypto arbitrage so I can mail you the tutorial

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Is Notcoin worth anything?

No for now, Notcoin doesn’t exist in a tradable form and has no real-world value or any cash-out options.

How to use Notcoin?

Click To get started, register in the bot using this link make sure you already have an account in Telegram. Notcoin’s gameplay is based on a “tap-to-earn” process, where you “mine” new Notcoins for your player profile by tapping the icon in the center of the screen.

How does Notcoin work?

It mainly focuses on users to “mine” or earn a digital currency known as Notcoin. This follows through a simple process: users must continuously tap on an animated like coin displayed in the chat interface.

How do I get more Notcoins?

This list below are only the ways you could get more notcoins.

  • Using Daily Free Boosts Efficiently.
  • Buy The Auto Tap Bot.
  • Complete Quests For Large Rewards.
  • Invite Friends For Bonuses.
  • Stay Active For Coins To Last. 
  • Don’t Overlook The Quest Advancements.

How to buy and sell not coin?:

The only way you can buy or sell not coin now is through black market and this format is very risky because you might end up selling your coin for an inconvenient price less than the time of its distribution.

How much is one notcoin?:

One notcoin is worth $0.00 that is to say nothing for now because it hasn’t been distributed yet it to worth anything

How much is one million notcoin?:

One million notcoin is worth zero dollars for now let’s hope in the nearest future it will be worth something.

How much is ten million notcoin?:

Ten million notcoin is worth $100 if exchanged for a ton coin but for now notcoin is going through distribution process right now it might go higher than that maybe even lower be that’s how the financial market works


Notcoin generated a lot of users in the “tap-to-earn” trend on Telegram. However, its legitimacy and real-world value remain I still yet to be Known. While it’s gained popularity and promises cryptocurrency integration in the future,

Notcoin isn’t tradable or worth anything tangible at the moment. It’s important to approach Notcoin cautiously, considering both its potential benefits and risks. Time will tell if Notcoin becomes a real cryptocurrency or fades away like other internet trends.

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